Amnesia The Dark Descent Download

Amnesia The Dark Descent Download

Amnesia The Dark Descent Download

Amnesia The Dark Descent Download Overview

Amnesia The Dark Descent Download
Amnesia The Dark Descent Download

The middle Gameplay of Amnesia The Dark Descent sea of games is investigation, puzzle-addressing and forestalling beasts. The repulsions Daniel stands up to jeopardize his mental soundness, so should be evaded beyond what many would consider possible. That truly is a test in itself, and you’ll probably likewise find controlling your dread gets excessively!

Daniel can not Battle the beasts he encounters, and when he neglects to forestall him, he should flee to the obscurity to disguise. This will make Amnesia: The Dark Descent an incredibly panicky game, as running indiscriminately into the dull is exactly what you don’t wish to do! The pictures are dim and environmental, yet its the clamor which makes Amnesia: The Dark Descent truly terrible. The groans, yells and different outcomes really elevate your attention to tension and are eminently coordinated for greatest impact.

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You will locate various endings to Amnesia The Dark Descent, which implies it is conceivable to play more than once if you dare. The pressure and upsets never let up and, dissimilar to any ghastliness games, the ongoing interaction never gets into the method of this dread. Notwithstanding stuns and sounds, the story at Amnesia: The Dark Descent is disturbing, and learning current realities about Daniel’s amnesia is unpleasant enough without the beasts and dimness.

In case You’re an admirer of frightfulness games, Amnesia The Dark Descent is An indispensable game. I can guarantee you won’t be let down.

While going in the manor You Need to be high ready as Threat looking like beasts and phantoms may come your way from numerous headings. You may save yourself from those beasts either by disguising or basically by fleeing from the danger. The game additionally incorporates a few riddles that you need to fix to have the option to advance from the game. That implies that you may state it’s a repulsiveness endurance secret game. With its wonderful 3D designs and dynamic sound framework, this game will surely charm you from the earliest starting point until the end.


In a comparative vein to the designer Frictional Games’ past games, Amnesia is an undertaking game played from a first-individual point of view. The game holds the actual article communication utilized in the Penumbra arrangement, taking into consideration material science based riddles and connections, for example, opening entryways and fixing apparatus. Not many in-game articles are worked by switch; to open an entryway, for example, the player should hold down a mouse catch and afterward push (or pull) the mouse. This gives the player secrecy, permitting them to look out a scarcely opened entryway or open it gradually to slip away, yet additionally adds to the player’s feeling of powerlessness, as it is currently completely conceivable to endeavor to push open a “pull” entryway while peril comes in from the other side.


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  • Imposing frightfulness experience PC game.
  • Noteworthy 3D designs and visuals.
  • Bunches of puzzle included.
  • It has an extraordinary storyline.
  • Intelligent items dealing with.
  • Dynamic sound quality.
  • Expanded heart beat upon unexpected dread

System Requirements

Amnesia The Dark Descent Download Minimum Requirements

Amnesia The Dark Descent Download

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