Clustertruck Free Download

Clustertruck Free Download

Clustertruck Free Download

Clustertruck Free Download Overview

Clustertruck Free Download
Clustertruck Free Download


This world incorporates some speeding interstates that you should direct the trucks through them. Loads of deterrents will be on your way while you’re making the interstates smooth.

This game isn’t just about controlling the trucks. You need to make heaps of changes on the thruways to make it ok for the trucks. The essential degrees of Clustertruck might be somewhat simple to pass the trucks. At the point when the quantity of hindrances gets expanded, You will get into inconveniences! Laser light is one of new hindrances that will be included the more significant levels. Your trucks shouldn’t contact them for a second. Else, You need to retry that level from the earliest starting point.

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There is a mission mode that incorporates a few levels inside. At the point when you completed this mode, different modes will be accessible for you. You’re ready to utilize capacities like Time-Control, The Grappling Hook and Truck Cannon to make your occupation a lot simpler. In case you’re keen on establishing new conditions, There is a level-supervisor mode for you! You can make heaps of new conditions with various deterrents to challenge your aptitudes. It’s likewise conceivable to impart the planned levels to different players.

There is an answer framework in each level that you can perceive how you’ve made changes on the conditions. In the event that you get the first form of Clustertruck, You can share your submitted scores and so forth

About This Game

Clustertruck is a stage outside the box game created via Landfall Games and distributed by tinyBuild. In Clustertruck, the player controls a character from a first-individual point of view. They are set to hop onto a moving line of trucks, maintaining a strategic distance from hindrances and truck heap ups and crashes. The player can’t contact something besides trucks, and will in any case bomb their undertaking of arriving at the objective toward the finish of the level.

On each stage, the player is scored dependent on how quick they arrive at an objective line and various style focuses dependent on different stunts, for example, hopping off a truck that is as of now in mid-air. The player’s total score focuses can be utilized to buy one of a few capacities, for example, a twofold bounce or a fast increase in speed, which would then be able to be utilized to either effectively pass more troublesome levels or to improve one’s time and scoring on prior ones.


Clustertruck Free Download 2

  • A mission mode which continuously gets increasingly insidious
  • Open new capacities like the Grappling Hook, Truck Cannon and Time-Control!
  • An in-game level proofreader
  • Steam workshop uphold for sharing player-made levels
  • A replay framework
  • Online pioneer sheets

System Requirements

Clustertruck Free Download Minimum Requirements

Clustertruck Free Download

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