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Conan Exiles Download

Conan Exiles Download

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Conan Exiles Download
Conan Exiles Download


Conan Exiles is a dream endurance game set in the realm of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian. As an outcast surrendered in an unforgiving wild, you’ll need to rummage food, fabricate safe house and fight foes going from threatening untamed life to outlaws and privateers just to remain alive.

On the off chance that you’ve played other open-world endurance games like Ark or Rust, you’ll be pretty acquainted with the essential ideas of Conan Exiles, despite the fact that the game puts its own dream turn on the class. You can play in either PvP or PvE multiplayer modes, contingent upon your worker’s settings, and offer structures and assets with your clanmates. As you progress, you’ll open new abilities and plans. The assets you gather incorporate something beyond stone and wood: with the correct aptitudes you can reap spirits as a contribution to your divine beings, or beat down your adversaries, break them on the Wheel of Pain and subjugate them to work for you. In obvious Conan style, there’s a bareness choice at character creation, in spite of the fact that you can likewise pick a classy undergarment. Battle could be a little smoother, yet there’s a great deal to investigate in this rich, suggestive world.

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In case you’re a Conan fan or simply an endurance game fan, there’s a ton to like in Conan Exiles, a crude but effective type newcomer.

Game Information :

You are an outcast, pariah and discouraged, condemned to stroll in a brutal no man’s land where the feeble are squashed and just the solid can live. Here you should battle to endure, fabricate, and overwhelm the world alone on your own worker or with adversaries and partners in online multiplayer.

Excursion through an immense, consistent world loaded up with the remains of antiquated developments and reveal its dim history and covered privileged insights as you try to vanquish and rule the banished lands yourself. Start with only your uncovered hands and fashion the tradition of your family, from straightforward apparatuses and weapons to huge strongholds and whole urban communities. Oppress the criminals of the ousted grounds to do your offering by breaking them on the exhausting Wheel of Pain. Penance the thumping hearts of your foes on the blood-ruined special raised areas of your god to hold onto genuine force and magnificence. Call the goliath symbol of your god and see them destroy to your foes and their homes.

Simply recollect: in this merciless place where there is wrathful divine beings, ruthless barbarians, and horrible beasts, endurance is more than finding food and water. Investigate strange remains looking for fortune and information, yet be careful the danger of your psyche being undermined by the dull powers of the world. Cross immense sand hills and look for cover from scouring dust storms clearing over the consuming sands. Walk into battle against your adversaries and release your savage rage in merciless battle. Go in ill-equipped and it will be your head rolling and appendages flying.

Conan Exiles isn’t a vacant sandbox. It is a world wealthy in history where you should find the information and privileged insights of old civic establishments as you battle to fabricate your own.


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  • There Are A Wide Variety Of Server Settings In Game.
  • You Have Great Concept In This Game To Play.
  • Game Sounds Along With Music Was Nice In Game.
  • You Have To Show Your Skills As Long As Possible.
  • Idea Of This Game Was As Good As [ARK Survival Evolved] Game.
  • Free Climbing So Much Anything, Trees, Boulders Etc.
  • Climate System In This Game Is So Darn Neat.
  • You Have Great AI In This Game To Play.
  • Visuals Along With Graphics Was Nice In This Game.
  • Battle Of This Game Give More Fun And It Is Great.
  • Gamer Have Great Enemies In This Game.
  • Their Triple Burst Fire Is Very Valuable.
  • They Cant Shoot Over Fence Cover Reliably In This Game.
  • Visuals Is As Good As Subnautica Game.

System Requirements

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Conan Exiles Download

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