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Rain World Download
Rain World Download


Rain World is a strange investigation/endurance game with smooth development, a consistent expectation to absorb information and complex adversary. I have been anticipating this game, which makes it a little pitiful that I need to give it a negative audit. Before I state whatever else: The game is presumably a decent game, it is only a not for me game.

On the favorable to side, it has a truly wonderful stylish, one of the most itemized pixel workmanship styles I have found in quite a while, a ton of works has clearly gone into making every territory. The world itself is likewise captivating, I have without a doubt, almost no recess in the game, yet I was at that point interested by the bizarre world and the animals that possess it.

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Tragically, there are likewise the negatives. Above all else, the soundtrack. Numerous territories, at any rate in the beginning zone are dead quiet, which may be a conscious decision, since it needs to introduce a dead world, however I have played through a few games with dead, void universes as of now, and even in those, some type of foundation clamor had the option to add to the air. At that point, the controls felt somewhat slow to me (NOT a play on words), like everything was somewhat deferred, very little, barely for me to take note.

What made me notice that this won’t be a game for me however, is the 1-hit passing framework. Try not to misunderstand me, I like hard games, however cover a little to much for me. I wouldn’t fret this framework in jump’n’runs in light of the fact that they are by and large more responsive and give you more checkpoints, however that isn’t the situation here.

About This Game

You are a slugcat. Your general surroundings is brimming with risk, and you should confront it – alone. Isolated from your family in an overwhelming flood, you should chase for food and safe house between frightening heavy storms that take steps to suffocate all life. Move through the vestiges of an antiquated human progress, avoid the jaws of horrible hunters, and find new terrains abounding with unusual animals and covered secrets.

Discover your family before death discovers you! Propelled by the effortlessness and feel of 16-digit works of art, this endurance platformer requires relentless sneaking, both upon your own prey and past the jaws of hungry hunters. Each insatiable adversary in your way will be crafty, horrible and consistently on the chase – anxious to dive into you, or even one another. As a little, delicate slugcat you should to depend on secrecy and mind instead of power: become familiar with the environment and make their qualities advantageous for you. Possibly then you can endure… Rain World!


Rain World Download Free

  • Astounding activity and experience game.
  • Play as a slugcat who is isolated from your family.
  • Chase for food and for cover.
  • Investigate antiquated progress.
  • Find new terrains.
  • Got astounding visuals and audio cues.

System Requirements

Rain World Download Minimum Requirements

Rain World Download

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