Star Wars Republic Commando Download Free

Star Wars Republic Commando Download Free

Star Wars Republic Commando Download Free

Star Wars Republic Commando Download Overview

Star Wars Republic Commando Download Free
Star Wars Republic Commando Download Free


Star Wars: Republic Commando is a strategic first-individual shooter computer game, set in the Star Wars universe, delivered in 2005. It was created and distributed by Lucas Arts for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows. The game uses Unreal Engine. Players assume the function of RC-1338 (“Boss”), a world class clone trooper, alluded to as “clone commando”, and the head of Delta Squad, comprising of three individual clone commandos – RC-1262 (“Scorch”), RC-1140 (“Fixer”), and RC-1207 (“Sev”) – each with their own particular characters. The game’s story follows Delta Squad as they complete progressively troublesome missions all through the Clone Wars. Following Disney’s procurement of Lucasfilm in 2012, the game turned out to be essential for the non-standard Star Wars extended universe (otherwise called Star Wars Legends).

The game got commonly great surveys at discharge. Numerous pundits applauded the story and battle, however scrutinized the short length and normal multiplayer. In the years since its delivery, it came to be viewed as extraordinary compared to other Star Wars games ever constructed, and picked up a faction following.

Gameplay: The game highlights some ongoing interaction components that take after highlights in other first-individual shooters. The heads-up presentation (HUD) shows the player character’s cap, with a strategic visor. The player goes about as crew head of a crew of four world class troops. The squadmate request framework permits the player general strategic power over the three non-player characters (NPCs) squadmates that balance the four-man commando group. Numerous items in the game climate will feature when the crosshair is set over them.

The player would then be able to press the “utilization” key to give a request naturally connected with the article; for instance, a fixed entryway may feature with a synchronized group break and-clear order, or a PC support may have a “cut” (PC hacking) order, while a heap of load boxes appropriate for a cover position with great vantage may give a “take up Sniper/Anti-Armor position” order. Where conceivable, the squadmates will as a rule play their favored jobs (sharpshooter, tear-downs and specialized). The player can arrange the crew to move to make sure about any position (any place the crosshair is pointed), or perform search-and-demolish. There are requests to order the squadmates to gather up or spread out as indicated by the player’s carefulness for the circumstance.

In single-player mode, the player and squadmates don’t bite the dust when they run out of wellbeing, but instead are weakened. On the off chance that the player character is brought down, the player can arrange the crew individuals to endeavor to resuscitate the player or to proceed with their present requests. In this way, the game is just really over when the player and all individuals from the crew are debilitated without a moment’s delay or if the player is brought down in a position their squadmates can’t reach, (for example, abysses). Certain missions may require crew individuals to separate to achieve different disconnected goals, and in such situations, where the player is working alone, losing all the player’s wellbeing likewise brings about a game over. While resuscitating a brought down commando reestablishes a limited quantity of wellbeing, bacta charging stations are important to completely recapture it.


  • Imaginative Squad Control System With natural and brilliant crew orders, the straightforward bit of one catch
  • effectively controls your crew to perform complex orders and key moves.
  • Numerous Gaming Mode Choose the single-player choice and order a crew of four that you can dispatch freely. Or on the other hand, pick the multiplayer alternative and play with up to sixteen players online in various multi-player modes.
  • Preface to Episode III Encounter new vehicles, areas and adversaries from the forthcoming film.

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Star Wars Republic Commando Download Free

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